Can You Financially Survive Retirement?

Can you even get there at this rate?

If you’re a solo operator, small business owner or just thinking about a side hustle that might bring in some “extra” income, listen up. This might be what you need.

How much would you invest in yourself to make an additional $30,000 a year? If you’re 55, that’s $300,000 in your bank account before you retire.

Would you spend $5,000 to get $300k? $10,000? What if I told you that all you need to get started to live well, cover your bills and safely get through retirement and NOT have to tap into your nest egg was $997!

I Can Help You “Win” Retirement

I can have your business set up in a day (no kidding – just ask about my VIP Day program).

Or if you prefer, I can coach you through your startup (or keep you from closing up shop) over the coming weeks or months.

My History

After a 20+ year career in Fortune 500 management plus many startups under my belt, l now specialize in Solo & Small Business mentoring from Startup, to Growth, to Profit and even Exits.

From Marketing to Finance to Tech and Operations, I can coach you through every aspect of a business. I also have a virtual team of specialists to take my recommendations and then customize and combine best-in-class services, strategies and technology into one unique package for you to drive results for your company.
-Geoff Brandt

Where do you start?

You need a functioning, profitable business

COURSES AND COACHING – Geoff Brandt is a 25 year veteran of both Fortune 500 management and small business startups. He brings all of that experience to you 1 on 1 or in a small group, with his specialized coaching programs and online self-paced, moderated courses.

STARTUPS TO PROFIT – Your life goals and business growth are his top priority. All of our service offerings, courses, coaching, marketing strategies and processes are designed to help you launch and then stay in business!

PEACE OF MIND – We’ve done this countless times (and yes, those were my clients below when I worked the Fortune 500!). My team and I are here 24/7 to help you through the rough spots. We don’t give you a plan and leave. We stick with you for months and live it with you to make sure it works.

Pick YOUR speed​

From self-paced online courses to group coaching to 1 on 1 mentorships


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We cover all aspects of launching, running and growing a small business.

CxO/Owner Mentoring​

You have an idea and don’t know what comes next? Entrepreneurs don’t know what they don’t know. Learn all the other aspects of running a business and see how to make it a reality.

Implement ALL the Services

Not sure how to build and run a marketing department? A legal staff? A finance department? Don’t hire – outsource. Besides Geoff, we have access to professionals with years of experience in sales, marketing, operations, legal, finance, HR and more. Sign up for one or more of our service offerings and launch or grow your business without drowning in fixed overhead costs.

Staff Hiring/Training​/Benefits

Not sure who to hire, how much to pay them or how to train them? We will do that for you. After you decide to hire or outsource one or more skill sets, we’ll hire and train the permanent staff as needed so you are left with a functioning company that’s all yours!

Next Step

Tell Me What’s Bugging You

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Describe where you’re at with your (potential?) business and Geoff will personally review your answers.
He’ll give you his assessment of what you need/don’t need and you can decide if you want to take action (with us or someone else).

The role that Geoff and his team play is diverse. Your go-to-market effort should bring visitors to your site, where your new tools and processes convert them into loyal customers. The best practice operations and customer service principles that Geoff teaches allow you to nurture them into repeat buyers and sources of referrals – further establishing the thought leadership of your service, product or brand.

You should be able to draw an arrow from your marketing straight to an increase in revenue – and from your daily operations to a decrease in cost. That’s how results are measured. And it’s the foundation of Geoff’s experience and success as an executive, owner and business coach.

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Kind words

What Our Clients Say

I was really worried about making the changes but Geoff made it so easy. I’m glad I called!
Melanie A.
I was barking up the wrong tree for months until Geoff’s team had me set up in two weeks.
Sherman D.
Online Sales

No 24 year old self-annointed “gurus” here. We teach proven, tested online business concepts and strategies for your growth and security.