A list of my favorite things

I get to use a LOT of software. I’m sort of a nerd that way. Some I even use to run my own business. Others, I’ve used at one time but they might not fit my current business model. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t find them useful in your company. They are all top notch.

Note that in some cases I’ll receive a small amount of compensation (from the manufacturer, not you!) if you decide to invest in them. And in most cases, you’ll get a discount too.

Use the Links and Codes mentioned below to get discounts on any of the items listed.

If you’re not sure which one to get or you need some background on any of the packages, feel free to click the link directly below and either send us a question or grab some time on Geoff’s calendar to discuss.


I use these two to run my company


Everything you need to run your business

Moxie is stupid good software that takes the place of half a dozen other apps. You’ll fall in love with it. Because we use it daily, we also have programs to get you up and running.

Marketing Automation

One ofthe easiest mass mailers/autoresponders out there

Convertkit was designed specifically for content creators like you. Easy to get started and will grow with you. Just like Moxie, since we use this, we have programs to get you up and running.

More goodness​

You’ve Heard of a Couple of These!

Phone System

If you’re not using Moxie, whether you need a single extra number or a complete office phone system, starts at $15/mo!

Web Hosting​

If you are not going to use us to manage your website for you, Siteground is a solid, self-managed web hosting alternative for just a few dollars a month.


If you need to present & sell ANYTHING to clients or hold video meetings, livestream to Youtube etc. WebinarJam is the best.