Your website

Make a Great 1st Impression

As the foundation of your online presence, it’s important your website makes a great first impression. The goal is to hang onto visitors long enough (10-20 seconds) to see who you are before thinking about bolting away.

What’s bothering you

Does this sound familiar?

I tried to do my site myself to save money, but it looks like a 6th grader built it.

I googled myself and I don’t even show up until page 3.

I watched a YouTube video about SEO, but I don’t really know what a “long-tailed keyword” is and I don’t want to.

I send people to my online store all the time but no one buys anything.

All I get are spam comments and it seems like my site goes down at least once a month.

It’s time to have a grown up website that works

Why do this yourself? Does McDonald’s raise cows? Does a hockey player make his own skates? Does a banker print money? Then why are you doing your own web site?

Good Design

Choose from dozens of pro designed templates, then we customize it for you. Why recreate the wheel?


We have you covered. Simple “red, yellow, green” page icons tell you if you’re OK. Content is king!

New Customers

From landing pages to lead capture to autoresponders to e-carts, traffic conversion is on point.

Mobile Friendly

Over 60% of the web is now “phone first”. So your web site will perform great on mobile and desktop.


What You Get

We have a couple different packages based on the size of your company.

Express Site

This is a 5 page templated and hosted WordPress site with all the basics & a custom email address. Your content, our pages. We set it up and turn you loose!


Custom (micro Co)

Fully customized site that includes all the amenities – backups, SEO, lead capture, anti-virus/malware etc. Limited to solo operators or small co’s under $250k/yr.


Custom (medium Co)

Fully custom, but for larger businesses. Integrated social media, CRM, blog pages, eCommerce, team page and email marketing.

Why us?

Form Follows Function

Having a pretty website is only the first step. You need to combine it with SEO, Content, Social Media, and digital marketing assets that all work together. Balancing great design and SEO is an act of art and science.

A great website requires not only designers and developers, it’s also important they work closely with the SEO and content teams to ensure the entire website is set up for success.

Explore Packages

Simply choose which option below fits and join us

Just Get Me Online Quickly


Pick your express site from a number of great templates. Copy in any existing text and pics you already have or create new. We set up your email and train you how to keep content current. Mobile-ready.

  • Kickoff Zoom meeting
  • Pick colors and “look”
  • Contact page
  • Products/Services page
  • About Me page
  • Blog page
  • Accept Paypal/credit cards
  • Optional eCart
  • Quick turnaround
  • Affordable
Custom: Solo Operator


Fully customized site that includes all the amenities – email, caching, backups, SEO, lead capture, galleries, anti-virus/malware etc. Limited to solo operators or small co’s under $250k/yr.

  • Multiple Zoom sessions
  • Hundreds of styles to choose
  • Customize every page
  • Set up marketing
  • Social media linking
  • Up to 12 pages
  • e-Commerce Lite
  • Enhanced SEO
  • Blog
  • 3 months hosting/support free (save $405)
  • Payment plan

Custom: Small/Med Business


Fully customized site that includes everything in the Solo package plus accommodations for multiple employees, more traffic, more pages, advanced SEO, google G-Suite or Microsoft 365, advanced security and more.

  • Multiple Zoom sessions
  • Advanced Social Media setup
  • Full Marketing plan
  • Advanced security
  • Full e-Commerce
  • Team Page
  • Multiple landing pages
  • Up to 25 pages
  • Blog
  • 6 months hosting/support free (save $810)
  • Payment plan

All Prices in US Dollars

Satisfaction Guarantee

We back every sale with a guarantee that you’ll be satisfied. If you’re somehow not happy with your purchase, just let us know.