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Launching & Growing a Business – Master Workshop

Small Group = have a complete functioning business in weeks

New lesson every week for 8 weeks. Incorporation, idea development, marketing, operations, finance, product development, online presence/branding, manufacturing, communications, service/product fulfillment, customer service, HR, leadership, technology, software and more.

In addition to the moderated weekly lessons, Geoff will hold a weekly webinar to discuss the current lesson and to answer your questions. Throughout the entire workshop you’ll have unlimited email access to him. This isn’t some abstract exercise in a book! At the end of 8 weeks you’ll have a functioning business or side hustle, complete with a brand, a go-to-market strategy, web site, social media, back office operations and a growth plan all unique and customized to you!

Space is limited. Geoff takes only one small group at a time. Click the button and schedule a free call with him to see if you qualify for the next group.

VIP Day – Get Yourself Online Today

Get Your side hustle online and accepting clients in one day!

Everything you need to get online – domain/hosting, web site, lead capture, e-newsletter, Facebook Page, Instagram account, LinkedIn listing, company branding, email, CRM, eCommerce, marketing etc. No more excuses that it’s too complicated or it takes too long. You’ll be online and accepting clients tomorrow! Includes 45 days of unlimited email access to Geoff after launch.

Other programs​

I have over 20 years of executive and ownership experience

Why re-invent the wheel? Schedule a free consult to see if you qualify for one of my programs.
Web Site Only

Perfect if you just need a domain/host and a site (or a site makeover). It’s only a piece of the overall puzzle, but it’s the central and required piece to your online presence. Includes SEO, lead capture, e-commerce, blog and training on how to add and edit content.

Ongoing Care Package

Whether it’s the workshop, the VIP Day or just a web site, you’ll need ongoing care and support. Choose from two packages that will keep you backed up, updated and up and running 24/7 with instant help for any new adds/edits as well as preventative maintenance.

Rent a CEO

If you have an existing business and need to grow, or possibly, just right the ship, I can plug in to your organization and effect measurable change over 1 or 2 quarters. 20+ years experience at your fingertips to grow or fix any aspect of your business.