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Being your own boss is an enticing idea – however, it does come with its challenges. Whenever you decide to dive into a new business venture or take up a side hustle, there are a few things to consider.

Unlike a big organization where there’s a specialist or even a team for every type of task, a small business leaves it all in your hands – be it communication with clients, scheduling meetings, or keeping track of all the bills. Luckily, there’s a variety of desktop and mobile apps that can make your job a whole lot easier, saving you hours of valuable time in the process.

1. Convenient Tracking.

Whether it’s stocks or crypto, investing has long been considered a great option for side hustlers who are willing to invest a little to start generating passive income. Since it doesn’t involve any actual labor or time investments, it is known as an excellent way to diversify one’s income sources.

It does, however, involve a need for regular data tracking. Aside from checking the performance of your own portfolio, you need to be aware of the general market situation to be able to make informed decisions and maximize your profits. Sharesight and Personal Capital Finance (both available on iOS and Android) are just a few of the apps that can add convenience to your side hustle life by simplifying these processes.  

2. Effortless Scheduling.

If instead of making the most of passive income opportunities, you’re working on actual tasks and projects, you surely know all about the importance of good planning and time management. And while some specialists still use paper notebooks for that in 2022, it’s very far from the best option: just think about it being lost or damaged. By the way, did you know the average person loses 384 pens in their lifetime?

A simple time management app like Evernote or Todoist can save you a ton of trouble by offering a highly intuitive interface and seamlessly synchronizing your data between devices (Todoist even has a version for wearables like smartwatches!). Having your schedule and projects organized is a great way to save time – which is often a luxury for those juggling multiple income streams.

3. Simple Communication.

If you’re a lone wolf in your small business or side hustle, internal communication is not something you’ll waste time thinking about. However, you will need to connect with your clients – and in this case, availability often directly translates into profit. Let’s face it – who will hire a professional they cannot reach?

A good rule of thumb to follow is, have what your clients are having. These days, remote meetings are more common than ever – however, some people are in favor of Zoom, others have stayed loyal to Skype, and it’s not even that uncommon to be contacted on a text-based app such as Viber. It doesn’t take much to adhere to your clients’ preferences, so why miss an easy way to get on their good side?

4. Accounting Made Easy.

The financial part of starting a small business or a side hustle is often the Achilles’ heel of a young enthusiast. Someone who has a burning passion for graphic design, baking, ghostwriting, or any other specialization is rarely also an expert in accounting – so how can they manage all the taxes, bills, invoices, etc.?

Many of those who have gone through this already can’t recommend picking and using a reliable accounting app from the get-go enough. Depending on the particular business venture, QuickBooks Self-Employed, Xero, or Wave can lift a massive load off its founder’s shoulders. Those who prefer mobile apps, on the other hand, should check out Zoho Books and Sunrise.

5. Extra Earnings.

The more money you make, the smoother your business venture goes: not only does getting properly rewarded provide you with more job satisfaction, but it’s also easier to maintain when you’re able to invest in your business or side hustle whenever you need. This is precisely why it’s wise to leverage all earning opportunities that come your way.

Using a well-chosen passive income app can be a brilliant way to earn more money on the side without sacrificing more time or effort. For example, with Honeygain, a user can get paid for simply running the app on their computer, tablet, or smartphone, where it will share a portion of their excess internet bandwidth, thus generating passive income. The app is currently available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Being your own boss is definitely not for the faint of heart, but with these handy tools at your disposal, it can be a lot easier (and more fun) than you think. From time-tracking to invoicing to communication tools, there’s an app for everything. So dive in and start taking advantage of all that technology has to offer!

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