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You Could Lose it All With a Click of a Button

“I didn’t go into this business wanting to be entertaining,” -article

The truth is, with a flip of a button, you could lose your followers you’ve worked so hard to get and nurture. And your business could literally dry up overnight.

That’s exactly what happened recently when Insta changed its algorithm to be more like TikTok.

And we all know Facebook has been going this direction for years.

Simple fact: You don’t own your social media followers on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and all the rest.

So what can you do besides throw a small fortune at paid ads or questionable post boosting?

Believe it or not, email marketing continues to be the least expensive and #1 most effective way of retaining clients and converting sales.

It’s simple – once someone agrees to be on your mailing list, they are yours to talk with until they decide they no longer want to. And it costs zero dollars to talk to them!

In the world of email marketing, a bad open rate is 20%. Compare this to Instagram or Facebook where 5% is considered knocking it out of the park.

All of my successful clients have a successful email marketing program. Send me a quick note at www.geoffBrandt.com/contact or Comment here and let’s talk about how we can do that now for you.

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