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Getting Clients #387: Communicating


A Big Business Starts Small

Richard Branson, Famous Entrepreneur and Adventurer

Action plan

Don’t Stop Communicating

So it’s a pandemic. Do you plan on being in business? Will you need customers? If you stop talking to your clients you’ll push them to competitors who will. Because they will eventually need the types of services you have to offer.

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Consistency is King

If you stop talking to your people, they intuitively understand that the relationship is purely transactional. When the money stops, the relationship stops.

Is that how you feel about your clients? Or do you care about them? People aren’t stupid. They’ll remember who was “there” during the down  time.

So What Do You Do?

You take the time every week to communication with them. By blog, Instagram, Twitter, email, newsletter etc.

Mix it up so they (and you) don’t get bored. Definitely use images at the very least. Video can’t be beat. Most of GBBC’s Instagram feed is now video.

If they can’t buy right now, just keep talking to them. You should only be asking for money 20% of the time anyway.

If they haven’t opened or read or clicked on anything in 6 months, there are ways to deal with that in another post.

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Schedule time with Geoff to talk about your options.

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