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Digital Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.

Seth Godin, Bestselling Author and Blogger

At GBBC we know that making the world a better place is possible through efforts like conscious capitalism and hard-core, for profit social entrepreneurism. The upcoming month of November is an especially popular time for businesses to work on giving back and entrepreneurs around the world like giving back to be a core part of their business models. That’s because giving back is actually very good for your business. That’s why GBBC incorporates in our digital marketing,  CTA’s or Calls To Action as part of helping clients carve out their place online. Everything digital marketing consultants do should benefit both the business they represent as well as the clients and why ultimately, GBBC can help make the web–and the world–a better place.

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Digital Marketing with CTA’s

At GBBC we believe that there is no business or brand that we can’t help create, no idea or mission that we can’t advance, and that our expertise offers a singular point of creation for your business. In our various list of services relating to CTA’s and efforts that focus on giving back we excel at helping:

  1. Hard Core for Profit Social entrepreneurs
  2. AdVenture Cap Firms
  3. Incubators
  4. Combinators
  5. Turnarounds
  6. Companies that do “good things”
  7. For profits to do non-profit work

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CTA’s Call To Action In Digital Marketing

When you think about all of the times you have been drawn to downloading something off the Internet or signing up for a service or business, you will realize that it was likely because or expert CTA’s, which stands for “ Call To Action”. Do you have Dropbox, Spotify, or even WhatsApp? Do you listen to podcasts, shop on Amazon or listen to your favorite music online? Chances are that every one of your signups is likely a result of an effective CTA.

CTA’s are imperative to generating leads for your website and caring out a pace in the competitive word of digital marketing. The part of your webpage, your advertisements on social media or any piece of content for your company that is encouraging your specific audience to do something is a CTA. The best CTA’s will arrest attention, build connection, interest, suspense and transfer momentum. Effective CTA’s are not simply about the best content and copy writing, the best SEO or even strategic placement. At GBBC we know that the world of digital marketing is always a little bit more complex than that. But don’t worry; GBBC has years of combined experience with a team of experts who are here to guide you through.

Types of CTA’s in Digital Marketing

Because there are many various audiences looking at your website or your business including leads, customers, promoters and visitors, you will want to grab the attention of each group differently. At GBBC we are in the solutions business and therefore know that the best solution to successful CTA’s is to diversify. Bringing multiple kinds of CTA’s and serving different audience will help easily navigate them through your marketing funnel.

At GBBC we suggest putting CTA’s during this giving season in your most popular viewing positions either at the end of posts, in sidebars, or even as floating banners. To be the most successful your CTAs should be not only eye-catching but should make clear the value of clicking on them. Here are some of the types of CTA’s the we find most effective:

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Form Submission
  3. Read More Buttons
  4. Product or Service Discovery
  5. Social Sharing
  6. Closing the Sale
  7. Event Promotion
  8. Product or Service Discoveries

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At GBBC we offer a multitude of end-to-end consulting services that can assist in building restructuring or rebranding any business, in any stage.
Our team brings to the table experience from a variety of industries & businesses, and can draw upon a wealth of knowledge & services to make or take any vertical to the next level. With our menu of offerings, we become the foundational backbone for success.

In a world that need desperately needs more positivity, more sharing, caring and giving than ever before, maybe it’s time to “Get Started” and “Call Today For Free Consultation” with digital marketing consultants at GBBC.
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